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BlossomWood is a Minecraft roleplay series that takes place in the fictional town of BlossomWood. The four main characters of this series go to Irvada Middle School, and have to deal with the everyday struggles of a teen. The four main characters are Gabby, Angie, Justin, and Jamie.


Q. Who are the creators of the series? Edit

A. The creators of the series are known as Shugieu and NaturalMess, they also play the main characters Angie and Gabby


Q. Where can I find episodes for this series? Edit

A. Episodes aren't currently up, but they will be posted to Gabby and Angie's YouTube page, as the Behind the Scenes footage can be found on the BlossomWood Patreon for $5 a month.


Q. Can I join the series? Edit

A. Actually, yes you can! You can apply to be an actor by messaging the creator's your application, application information below.


Application for BlossomWood Role Information Edit

Roles you can apply for:

  • Background Character (7th and 8th Grade)
  • Background Character (Town)
  • Teacher
  • Camera Person
  • Character Artist

Please copy and paste these questions in a Discord message to the staff members and answer the questions.

  1. How old are you?
  2. What timezone are you in?
  3. What role are you applying for?
  4. [If Male Character] Do you have a deepened/developed voice?
  5. [If Camera Person] What recording software do you use?
  6. [If Character Artist] Are you able to adapt art styles?

[If Character Artist, please also send samples of your drawings.]

Staff Discords:

  • Jomm#5164
  • Gabby#7952
  • Angie#8069

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